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Reactor Internals

- Woven Wire Mesh
Norbourn works with a large stock of mesh openings and diameters in a number of stainless and extotic materials.  We specifically maintain a stock in 321SS and 347SS for reactors and we can expedite mesh for quick deliveries.   
-  Reactor Trays
Norbourn can design and build new reactor trays or expedite the replacement of damaged panels quickly during turn around and outages.   
- Profile Wire
Norbourn offers a variety of styles and materials for profile wire trays and outlet baskets.  We offer full engineering to upgrade existing support beds or baskets to profile wire or for new applications.  We can offer quick turnarounds on these products if needed.   
- Reactor Parts
We keep a large inventory of 321SS & 347SS hardware, wedges, hold downs, square washers and bubble caps accessories.  We also stock fiberglass and ceramic rope and tape packing.  We have a long history servicing reactors and we have worked with every style in the industry.   
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